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Almost 60% of men and women in Colorado are overweight or obese, which increases the risk of chronic degenerative diseases. The experienced team at Age Management MD in Centennial, Colorado, offer a medical weight-loss program to help you lose the extra weight and improve your overall health and reduce your risk of future illness. To get the help you need with your weight loss, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Weight Loss Q & A

What health issues are associated with excess body weight?

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing many common chronic health conditions. You may be especially at risk if most of your weight is in your midsection, or what you may refer to as your pot belly.

Common health conditions associated with excess body weight include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fatty liver

The team at Age Management MD use your body mass index (BMI) to determine if you’re at risk of health issues and help you make the necessary changes to improve your health and your weight. If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you’re considered overweight, and if it’s 30 or greater, obese.

What can I expect from a weight loss program?

The team at Age Management MD offer a comprehensive weight loss program designed specifically for you to help you reach your weight loss goals. To help create your weight loss plan, your specialist conducts a comprehensive evaluation, which may include:

  • Review of your medical and weight history
  • Physical exam
  • Blood work
  • Usual diet and exercise routine

Your specialist also talks to you about your weight struggles and your relationship with food to better understand the barriers that may prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals.

Based on the information gathered during your consultation, your specialist creates your customized weight loss plan, which includes a nutrition and exercise program. The team at Age Management MD specialize in anti-aging and also discuss the anti-aging benefits of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Can supplements support my weight loss efforts?

Yes, the team at Age Management MD may recommend supplements to help support your weight loss efforts. Specifically, the team offers vitamin B12 as a weight-loss tool for those experiencing fatigue, low energy, or lack of motivation. Supplementing with vitamin B12 gives your body a boost of energy and may help rev up a sluggish metabolism to help you lose the weight.

Excess body weight is a health issue that requires professional management. To get the help and support you need to lose weight for good, call Age Management MD today or request a consultation online.